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DS1 Buttons & LEDs and Ableton Issue

Hi folks,

did some research but couldn't find something proper so here is what I am after:

I'll use the DS1 for my live set with ableton. On every track I have a filter which I want to have switched on and off by the upper row of LED buttons on the DS1. So I used the Midi learn function and everything worked properly. What didn't work is that the LED correspond to the status of the filter (if it's on or of). So I tried to assign different colors to the LED's for on and off mode with the editor. That works fine as long the controller isn't working with ableton. In ableton all the color settings change and there is no releation between the filter status and the LED's.

So can someone please help me what I do have to edit and set up with the editor to get this working? (Maybe a step by step instruction would be helpful to avoid language borders (as I am no native english speaker).

If it's important: I am using Windows 7 64, latest Ableton Version, Latest Firmware on the DS1

Big thanks in advance for every helpful answer.



  • You can turn off the output from Ableton to the DS1 in the Ableton MIDI preferences. Will that work for you?

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