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Brain Jr. Firmware Update not persisting

I followed the firmware update instructions for the Brain Jr., to go from 212 to 213; the update software says it's written and verified, but when I restart the Brain Jr., it reports as v212 again - is there a step I'm not seeing, or something I'm obviously doing wrong?

The process is pretty simple:

Download the updater
Download the v213 binary
Run the updater
Start the Brain connecting the two pins next to the LIVID logo such that the update software reports the Brain Jr.'s presence
Load the updated binary

... what am I missing?



  • I think that the version v213 is identifying itself at v212. If it programs and verifies, then you are good!

  • Okay. Well, that shoots down my hope that v213 was going to fix the bounce.... :)

  • Hmmm the Brain Jr. automatically handles the de-bounce. Are you having trouble with the buttons?

    Are you using a Brain Jr. Shield or connecting directly to the Brain Jr.?

  • Connecting directly with the brain jr. The switches are admittedly pretty noisy - when the RasPi I had a simple FFT that oversampled to eliminate the noise (with an effective timing of around 6ms, including a 10 foot MIDI cable), so I'd hoped that some of the noise could be tuned out here, too.

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