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Cntrl:R and Korg's Volca series? (multi midi chan)

Hello my friends!

Wanted to ask if it is possible to control 3 volca devices with one cntrl:R? with a midi true box?
for example i'd love to set...

-the left cntrl:R side (sliders/pots/buttons) to control volca beats (midi chan 10)
-the center cntrl:R side (encoders/buttons) to control volca keys (midi chan 1)
-the right cntrl:R side (sliders/pots/buttons) to control volca bass (midi chan 5)

is that possible to do without bank switch?
ive tried so much to make it but no luck so i came here to ask for help!! :)

kind regards




  • i had some faith for awhile!!

    thanks Justin!

    damn think about a single interface to control all 3 volcas at ones!

  • Hi I_P,

    I also have the Korg Volca Series, do you use Ableton as well? Because if that was the case, then you could take control over the Volca's with the free Max for live devices that are available on the maxforlive website. This way you could map the devices to the individual user pages and also use the drumsteppr and synthsteppr to control the Beats, Bass and Keys.

    If you use Ableton and want more advise about this then I am happy to help you set this up.

    Mike Bosch
  • thanks Mike!
    i use it as a standalone, i quit computers for music making!

  • OK, in that case, there might be a possibility with the banking button on the CNTRL:R? I'm not sure about this, but if the banking button works in renegade mode then you could use the banking button to send your midi to the volca's on different channels.

    By the way I recently sold my Volca Bass, so I cannot test this, but I will have a try with the Beats and Keys and see if I can find a way to get this work.

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