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Guitar Wing Editor Beta release

edited March 2015 in Hardware

Here it is folks, at long last!

Before using the editor, you will need to update the firmware on your Guitar Wing.
Instructions for the update are in a separate forum announcement:

Download the Guitar Wing Editor here:
Guitar Wing Editor 1.00 - Mac OS X (10.6+)
Guitar Wing Editor 1.00 - Ubuntu (12.04+)
Guitar Wing Editor 1.00 - Windows (7+)

Once you have updated to the new firmware, and your Wing is connected sending MIDI, open the editor.
In the very bottom left status bar you will see "USB Connected to Wing".
If the Wing controls on the screen are yellow, you are not connected to the Wing.

Check out this video for a quick walk through of the editor:

(EDIT: 11/11/14 - Added Link for Ubuntu (verified working on 12.04 and 14.04))
(EDIT: 11/11/14 - Updated Links to v0.23 (from v0.21))
(EDIT: 12/05/14 - Updated Links to v0.28 (from v0.23))
(EDIT: 01/12/15 - Updated Links to v0.31 (from v0.28))
(EDIT: 01/22/15 - Updated Links to v1.00 (from v0.31))


  • Thanks guys. Checking it out now.

  • Thanks guys. Got my head wrapped around it, it's getting the job done. Back to editing and playing guitar, then :)

  • I'm glad this is happening  - i'm sure that you guys are working on it, but i would love to see a "connect button" similar to what is in the firmware app - actually inside the wing editor, as i often have connection issues.

    Also - can you please fix the drop downs? 
    They appear blank, and only when you move the mouse can you see the other options.. for example "message" is cc - i click to see/change to the other options and the drop down box is blank -  i have to fish around to find bend or note... it's a game of hide and seek to find the option! This is the same for all drop downs, and is especially weird when assigning note numbers from a huge blank list...

  • One other request - I don't know if this is possible. It would be great to assign the buttons to qwerty key commands, customisable key commands if at all possible - e.g. press a button, and trigger, say, "apple+shift+b"

  • Thanks for the feedback TomG!

    We are looking into an auto-connect routine and adding a button to do exactly that in the editor.

    Yes we will be fixing the text in the drop downs, the next version will have a darker grey background in the drop downs, similar to how the Windows build is now.

    I'm not sure if the qwerty key request is possible but I love the idea!

  • Wow - that was quick! 

    Great news, and thanks!
  • > TomG said: > One other request - I don't know if this is possible. It would be great to assign the buttons to qwerty key commands, customisable key commands if at all possible - e.g. press a button, and trigger, say, "apple+shift+b"

    On mac you can use controllermate to do that or all what you want to assign on a midi controler, even scripts, apps control etc...

    > Mark said: > Thanks for the feedback TomG!
    We are looking into an auto-connect routine and adding a button to do exactly that in the editor.

    You should add the directly in the firmware, cause when i shut down the device to make a pause for exemple, when i restart it 1 time to 10 it's not visible in Ableton for exemple. Need to unplug or use this famous button to connect in the flash firmware software.

  • djk314  -Thanks for the tip about controllermate - i'll check it out! 

     Nice one!
  • I see the update has presets. A very good function to have. Wouldn't it um be cool if you could use them like Banks? Switch to a preset on the fly with a midi pc. Just up and or down even. Not that 14 controllers isn't enough. Just thinking out loud.

  • Editor is working great so far, thanks!

    One feature I'd like to request: 

    Allow any button/pad to send specific CC message. For example, on the Axe FX, scene changes are done by transmitting 0-7 over cc34 (to select one of 8 scenes per patch). I was able to get this working with Bome's MIDI translator by intercepting the program change message and translating it to the specific cc channel and value, but obviously the less things I have running the better. I presume other people may similar have a use for such a function.
  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks for that, uunfortunately it doesn't quite get me the functionality I need. Increment/decrement is useful but only lets me recall up to 3 scenes stored sequentially. I use the 8 scenes as a substitute for 8 patches so I need instant recall of all 8 scenes at any point in time. Custom mapping to scenes/preset recalls a specific scene when a particular preset is activated, which is useful but also not quite what I need.

    It's not a deal breaker by any chance, I have a floor controller anyway, but it would be another handy function in the editor which (I would imagine) doesn't pose a significant technical hurdle in implementing (albeit for a very niche purpose). Thanks for taking the time to look through the manual for options though, much appreciated!

  • @adamqlw  I have an Axe Fx II also and I'm curious how you have it communicating to the AXE. Are you using a midi-usb host or thru a laptop? I'd like to experiment with a laptop first before buying a midi-usb host if thats possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

    Kudos on the GW Editor. Really Cool!

  • Out of a laptop you can use a USB to MIDI converter:

    There are many cheap options.

  • Duh, I guess I could use my midisport 2x2, right? 

  • I think that'll do it!

  • Thanks Mark for your time in answering me. I'm wondering why I couldn't use the USB connection between the AXE and computer instead of using a midi interface. Maybe I need to use Bome's midi software to establish communication between the AXE and GW. I'll post my findings after I mess with this tonight.

    Thanks again!

  • You can also try MIDI-OX for that simple task

  • I use Bome/MIDIPipe/MidiOx depending on my platform, so through a computer.

    Moon: Yes exactly, if that function can be made more sophisticated that would be perfect!
  • Excellent work, folks - works very nicely. Looking forward to whatever other developments you have in mind for it!

  • Hello Folks;

      The new editor is great - thank you very much.
      However, when I program the pads to emit only CCs the CC value always returns to 0 when I lift my finger from the pad. How might I configure the pads to remain on the last value dialed in? Meaning, if the last value selected on the pad is 98, I would like the Guitar Wing to not reset to 0 when I stop dialing.
      Thank you,
  • The sensitivity setting has no effect on my guitar wing. The big buttons are always a bit too unresponsive. This doesn't change at all with the sensitivity setting.

    Another thing I noticed: I can not set the off color of the "middle finger" rectangular button to blue, purple, cyan or white.

  • edited January 2015

    Don't know if this showed up anywhere else or if it's a known issue (or if I'm just misunderstanding how it's supposed to work) but on the Mac OSX version of the Guitar Wing Editor the drop down menu does not seem to include all options listed above. Not a big deal, just a detail I thought might be worth mentioning before release. 


  • So far so good, haven't had time for rigorous testing but the reconnect function is much better. Thanks, looking forward to the next evolution!

  • Hi guys!  I finally updated my firmware & played around on the newest editor.  Awesome!  

    I have a question:  I am using a usb host for live performance (and no computer)... is there a way to connect to my wing's receiver once the specified pairing window has closed?  Like a combination of buttons or power down/power up of the wing or something?

    Also, is there somewhere I can get a little help with fine-programming the Guitar Wing for my Eventide H9?  I'm trying to make the most of the wing with the hardware.  Is the H9 ONLY able to receive CC midi data?  Specifically:  Is there a way to make ONE button on the Guitar Wing, for instance, RECORD LOOP on the first press, and then PLAY LOOP on the second press... or maybe RECORD LOOP while holding down the button, and then PLAY LOOP when the button is let go?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.  I'm pretty new to forums, and I haven't really touched midi since the early 90's, haha...Thanks in advance for your time!

    -jon gross
    freelance sousaphone/tuba
    new orleans
  • edited March 2015


    I've been using the editor today and I have a couple of issues. All this is under Windows.
    • I tried to set the default pad (the one on the tip of the wing) to control the on/off of the motion sensor, so that it would toggle the sensor but not send any cc or note, and still change color/status (on/off) when pushed. This seems not to be possible at the moment.
    • Again, I couldn't make the side buttons work controlling the sensor.
    • Some feedback regarding what is being sent by the device in the editor would be very useful. A simple messages log could do the trick to make it easier to figure out what is happening and what exactly has changed with the edits. This, to me, is a must, since you can't simultaneously use the device in your audio software and use the editor. (If this was possible, it would be awesome. Some kind of in-DAW plugin? Max for Live, maybe? This also should allow changing presets on the fly, which would be great).
    • The whole advanced/basic settings is kind of messy. Let's say you edit one button in basic, go to another button and edit this one in advanced, and then go back to the first. The editor remains in advanced, but doesn't seem to use the same config as what you set up in basic, so things get unexpectedly changed. This happens particularly with the motion checkbox.
    • Is there any way of making the double slider (the one divided in the middle) work as one? Would be great for controlling pitch bends, oscillator octaves, panning and such (anything with a variable up and down). I was thinking about capping the outputs of the two sliders. You could assign both sliders to the same CC number and make one go from 0 to 64 and the next from 65 to 127.
    Thanks for your time!
  • Hi again. 

    Thanks for the response.

    "You're report that 'Things get unexpectedly changed' other than the display of the motion checkbox was not verified, and all other settings are surviving the Basic/Advanced switch just fine."
    Yeah, I probably got a little confused with the motion switch not displaying and the change from basic to advanced. Sorry for that. It's great having an official explanation of what exactly the Control and Key tabs are for. 

    I'll tinker with it some more as the new releases come and let you know how that goes.

    As to the divided slider: Even with the dead-space, I think some kind of capping option would be great, not only for this slider but for any other button/slider, if that's at all possible.

    Thanks again.
  • Hey.

    Capping: Minimun and maximun would be optimal. This could be used to limit the Velocity of notes, for example, so that you never fall short, o go too high, or to trim the range of sliders. I know this is pretty common in the software side, and easily done, but not so easy with many hardware synths and pedals.

    Divided slider: Looking forward to that, then. The disposition of the center divider really does make it perfect for anything that has a neutral point, making it really easy to find it only by touch. And, of course, the two long sliders would definitely be great in many situations. I'll put together a patch to test how well this works and how much of an issue the center dead zone is.

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