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code in ableton 9; remote script

hi there,

just bought a livid code 2nd hand and tryed to install RemoteScript for ableton 9. but without luck. the code doesnt control anything. if anyone might be able to point out what im doing wrong id be very hapyy!

here is what i did so far:

- installed latest livid remotescripts
- reset defaults for code controllers cc
- tried all 3 control surfaces i see in ableton for code ("Livid Code M4L" "Livid Code Griid" "Livid CodeRemoteScriptedLinked")
- tried both usb midi ports ( "Code (Controls)" "Code (External)" for input and output in ableton

i do get midi messages in ableton, i can map manually. but native supported control surface wont work

does anyone know how to solve?


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