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Livid Alias 8 with Traktor

edited November 2014 in Hardware


i would like to know if it's possible to Map the livid Alias 8 easily on Traktor
It's very strange because i saw in all website that this controller is integrates on Traktor but nobody in any website did a Midi mapping for the Livid alias 8 

Thank you and sorry for my english guys 


  • edited November 2014

    thank you so much !!

  • Hey Acidwas,

    The Alias8/Traktor integration page went live today.  There's an Alias8/Traktor template you can use to control 2 track decks.  It's a fun little mapping.  Moon's links are very helpful - if you need more than what the Alias8/Traktor template has built into it, you can always add more Traktor controls on one of the other 14 pages on the Alias!

  • Works fine, very intuitive, thanks!

    I have a couple of questions though. I see that in the wiki, at it says that "Before each time you start Traktor, turn the encoder until its display reads “01” and then push the encoder so the display reads “CC.” If you don’t, the mapping may work erratically."
    Is this inevitable?

    the second question is if the XPC controllers are going to be included in the mapping. I don't see a way to change their CC number or channel from the online editor.

  • Hi bichuelo,

    Thanks for trying it out, I'm glad you're enjoying it!  

    Regarding the encoder, that bit of copy was left on the wiki from when we were developing the mapping.  It's been fixed on the wiki.  The mapping was designed to work with page 1 on Alias8, but you can access page 1 after loading Traktor - it will not cause any problems.

    The XPC controllers will not be included in the mapping, but user mapping controls in Traktor is incredibly easy.  See Moon's post above for some links that may prove helpful.

  • Alright great.

    I understand it is easy to map the XPC controllers inside Traktor, but what about other software, or hardware? Hardware has fixed CC numbers so this means the XPC should change their mapping, but I don't see a way to do it from the editor

  • Right now, the editor does not have the capability to remap the expansion ports though the UI. However, if you let me know what mapping you'd like to create for those, I can help you out by generating the commands and show you how to send it to the alias 8.

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