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Electrical specification of the brains in/outputs?

edited October 2014 in Hardware


is there a spec sheet for the brain's (v2) I/O ports?

Or in other words, my questions at the moment:

  • How long can the cables between an analog sensor (e.g. pot) and the brain be?
  • How much mA can be drawn from the LED ports? Is there an overall restriction?
  • I've read that the LED ports are pulsed: What is the frequency for that? (and/or: How much would this decrease the perceived intensity of the LEDs?)

Thank you very much. :)



  • Anyone?

    Btw.: Just realized: Driving a 'square' LED (for a bargraph) does not work, because effectively it consists of two LEDs (result in sequence or parallel: not bright enough) - will have to try a transistor controlled switching solution for that. Especially for things like that a spec sheet would be a great help.

  • Von_zimt,

    Each LED hardware position is designed for one LED. You can't really do any seriesing or paralleling to make it brighter. If you add more LEDs it will be dimmer.  There is really no way to make it brighter, except using brighter LEDs.

    I'm not sure about the max cable distance. I think you would be fine up to 10-15ft. I've used 15ft long wire for the LED circuit, but not the analogs.

    I'm not 100% on the available mA for each LED, I think its between 20-30mA, though it could be as high as 50mA.

    Yes the LED ports are pulsed. I don't actually know the frequency.

    Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do the best I can to answer them!

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