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DS1 Ableton remote script - strictly mixing

Hi, I'm throwing this question out to the community. I bought a DS1, and I only want to use it for mixing in Ableton. I'd like a remote script where the first four knobs of each channel control sends A through D, and the bottom knob controls panning. I also like the way the two buttons on each channel control mute and solo in the Livid script, and would like that included.

All other controls on the DS1 don't matter so much to me, although in a perfect world the nine buttons on the side would control banks so I could page through to the second and third group of 8 channels etc. 

I've tried to use the workaround provided by Livid but I find using the max plugin leads to parameters jumping around or not registering properly, its definitely not as smooth as when I just map a knob to midi. 

Would anyone be able to mock this up for me? I'm sure it would be much appreciated by many others. I was kind of surprised when I bought the DS1 that this wasn't the way the livid script was set up. The device is marketed as a mixer, but in use is presented as more of a mixer / device controller hybrid, and to use it as a mixer you are required to use workarounds that are not ideal.




  • I'll try to have a look at this early next week and see if I can knock something out for you....shouldn't be too hard to make this happen in the script, but I'm tied up till then.  If you don't hear from me, feel free to bug me, as I've been in overdrive for the last week with personal obligations ;)


  • No trouble, and greatly, greatly appreciated.

  • I'm lagging on this a bit, only because I haven't been in the same timespace as my DS1, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about you.....


  • Any news? Thanks!

  • Crap, I had a feeling I'd forget.  I'll try to do this for you today, and thanks for the reminder.  


  • Sorry for the delay, but give this a try, it should work to give you 5 sends on the knobs instead of the default 5 macro controls:


  • Hi, just saw this last night, thank you very much for your work. It looks nice, there are three things I noticed:

    - were you unable to map panning to the bottom knob in the row of five? I think panning is more useful than a fifth send, but would understand if you are unable to do it through the program

    - the top right encoder is exhibiting very strange behaviour, its very difficult to get it to move the yellow rectangle around (group of selected tracks) and it no longer moves track by track if not pressed in

    - the buttons are no longer colour coded to be yellow if the track is on and off if not,likewise the same with blue if solo'd and off if not.

    If you could help with these issues it would be great. No rush!!
  • Hello I tried out the sends only script and it works great! However, I would also like the bottom knob for the PAN. Was this script ever created? I would love a copy if so.... Thanks, Prem

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm very seriously considering a DS1 for hands-on mixing in Ableton. The script you guys are discussing would almost be a dealbreaker for me - I want to have the controls mapped to four sends and then pan, the buttons to mute and solo, plus the extra buttons to shift the focus between groups of eight tracks. If the script was ever finished to this spec, and if it works, then I'm ready to buy a DS1 - in every other respect it looks perfect for me.

    Can anyone enlighten me? What was the end of the story?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Orb,

    I think the script can do exactly what you want! Check out the details here:

    Especially the last section about mapping macros to sends.


  • Thanks, Mark.

    I don't have Max for Live. Would I need it, for those macro-to-send devices to work?

    Also, is there an easy way to have four sends and pan, rather than five sends? Would I be better off using manual MIDI mapping?


  • Yes if you don't have M4L, you can manually MIDI map the sends like you suggested.

  • YO trying to re up this. Really want to use the DS1 effectively for mixing but the lack of fixed panning when I shift channels is a real bummer. I have too many tracks to just map the panning to the utility or something to use the fixed macro encoders. Any one know how to modify the DS1 script so its 4 sends and fixed pan rather than 5 sends. Really would make a big difference for me! 

  • You can edit the script, open /Livid_DS1_v2/, change lines 222 and 223:

    for index in range(8):
    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, parameter_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :])

    To this:

    for index in range(8):
    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :4], pan_control = self._dial[4][index])

    Save the file, restart Live.  That will give you what you're looking for, I think.


  • Hi guys, I really want to buy the ds1 for this same reason, the script you seem to be working on (control ableton live mixer, sends and pans, along with solo/mutes, and to scroll across to access more than 8 channels) has there been a final script done for this? Similar to an apc style? I want the ds1 for build quality and to use on the road in the future so please no suggestions to just get an apc

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