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ds1 switching between banks

edited October 2014 in Hardware

hello everyone,
I'm thinking about buying the ds1. However, I can't find any information on whether it is possible to switch between banks and therefore using the knobs in multiple ways (like it is possible with its main competitor, the novation launch control xl). I know that when livid presented the prototype of the ds1, they announced that this would be the case. It is important to me that I can not only use it as a mixer (with 8 channels and 5 send and return knobs), but also to control my favourte softsynths and vst-effect-plugins. I first thought that the nine knobs on the bottom right are being used to switch between some nine banks. thant would have been so great. thank you in advance!



  • In the end we decided to not build the controller around banking, since that would mean 44 knobs have to "catch up" each time you bank.

    You can still achieve this functionality with software such as Bomes MIDI translator.

  • thank you for the information. What a pitty!

  • how can I do that with Bomes, so that I can use a rotary knob on the top right or the nine push buttons on the bottom right in order to switch between banks?

  • Yes...please share more info on using Bomes in this fashion... It would be appreciated. Prem

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