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Tweaking Cntrl:r Ableton Live Script



  • edited August 2014

    Hello again!

    No code's gone.
    And at least by now, I know how to use
    a pagination... ouch - Sorry about that!

    I just managed to work my script-changes
    over for the use with the latest Live-update.
    After adding some comments, I'm done.

    Nothing special - I've changed the four
    "panning"-dials on the left side to control a
    third send/return-channel, whose volume's
    managed by the third fader on the right -
    instead of the prehear-control. It works
    dynamically, like the existing functions.

    It would be nice, if you'll check it later,
    just to know if I my coding's too much
    dirty ;)


  • @datapop:  yeah, just send the files or a link and I'll have a look.  

    @mike:  I have, just haven't had a chance to sit down at my desk for a while.  I'm hopefully going to get to do some of it tomorrow, but it may be Saturday before I get back on track.  In any case, you're at the top of the list, buddy ;)


  • @Amounra: Just replied to your email, thanks for your that, just go through the emails whenever you have time. I'm not in a hurry and I know you are a busy guy as well (we're both in the same boat).

    I will continue with the template I told you about (with multiple pages) and hopefully be able to send it to you on Monday.

    If I don't speak to you before that time, have a nice weekend buddy and take care.

    Mike Bosch
  • edited September 2014

    Hi Amounra, sorry for not replying i've been away the past months.

    So i tried the Poly mode with the IAC. Everything seems to work fine, i tried having a drum kit in the "plug" channel and an operator instance in "channel 1". Only thing is i don't have any sound coming out of operator, i don't know why because it's present on the right side of hex and it seems to receive information via channel 1.

    I also took a look at the new script, wanting to reproduce the mapping i did previously (3rd send instead of pan and the right faders controlling a 4th send) But i don't know where to look...i'm still such a python newbie... :)

  • Hey mqzx,

    This is Mike Bosch, what script are you using? The Livid_CNTRLR script or the script from Aumhaa/mod repository?

    If you are using the CNTRLR script from the Aumhaa/mod then let me know because Amounra showed me how to do it. However that same method doesn't work for the Livid CNTRLR script.

    I personally use the script from the aumhaa/mod on github, here is a link:

    You have to read the file, because there is some important information about installing the scripts when you are using the livid scripts.

    If you use this CNTRLR script from aumhaa/mod then let me know and I'll show you how to change pan into third send

  • edited September 2014

    Hi Mike,

    I'm using the last amounra script (CNTRLR), i updated the directories yesterday from

    Thing is i managed to do it on the previous versions but since he changed a lot of stuff in there i'm a bit lost.
  • Hey there, 

    I think you're just forgetting to use the IAC've got to put the instruments that are channelized on a different track with a specific channel input and set the IAC bus as the destination port in Hex's settings page....then the MIDI gets sent out of Hex to the IAC bus and loops back to Live's input so that it can be channelized in the receiving track.  Let me know if it's still not clear, I'll break it down better (but I'm guessing you've already done it before if you had it working previously).

    I really wish there was an easier way to do this and maintain good MIDI timing, but unfortunately for now it's the best we have :\.


  • Hi amounra !

    I've finally got it to work, i don't know what i was missing....

    But there is something i don't understand. There is 16 pads on the CNTRLR so when i load say a drum kit in the "plug" channel i have each of the 16 parts on  the pads(snare, kick, hat.....) but then i try adding an analog instance on a separate midi track and channel (channel 2). When i do this the analog removes the hi hat (or whatever part that is selected) and takes it's slot.

    I'm not sure if that makes sense, i can try to make a screenshot.... :)
  • What you say makes sense, I'm just not sure what your question is.  Each part (pad) can be assigned to either the "Plug" output or an individual channel, but not both.  There are several modes in hex for getting polyphonic output from a single pad (polyplay/record modes on CNTRLR, as well as a separate poly mode which resembles "Polygome" for other grid controllers like Ohm and Push).


  • Hi,

    Thank you amounra, I get it now, it was just something that needed clarifying.

    I'm still trying to add my 3rd and 4rd send but without any success, maybe you can help me out on this last one ?
    Anyways thanks a lot for you great help, you're the man !

  • Help :(

  • Sorry, missed this.....which part do you need help with, adding the sends?  Where do you want to add them?

  • Hi ! 

    I'm trying to add a 3rd send on the third row of the left section of pots (instead of pan control) and a 4th send using each of the 4 right faders. I figured which part of the script needs to be changed but i'm stuck there, not knowing what to do exactly.
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