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Tweaking Cntrl:r Ableton Live Script



  • Hey Mike, I'll check it out tonight.  Are you using the unreleased b996 version or the version in the Livid installer?

  • No I used the unreleased b996 version the livid installer scripts are working fine for me even in 9.1.4

    It is the script called CNTRLR for using monomodular, I have used the ones from the github:

    Hope it will help you perfecting the script and I'll check out what more I can find and let you know.

  • Evrtythign was working fine, just until I changed the fader and knobs banking to True and then it didn't work anymore, if I set it to False it works again.

  • Thanks for the details.  I'll be working on that script tonight anyway, so I'll try to clear up the problem.  Your feedback is VERY MUCH appreciated! :)


  • Don't worry I always like things to be perfect and I know you guys  from Monomodular (you), Isotonik (Darren), Gridlock (Lee) and nativeKontrol (Stray) are doing a great job with your hard work. I am working on a template to get all your devices to work together in one live set, so I can build the ultimate performance template, so it would be great if all the devices are working perfect. I done the same for Darren with the Oktopad and I think I am well known to push everything to the very limit and see how far it can go hahahaha.

    Good luck and I'll see what more bugs I can find.

    By the way, something else is that I am in a competition on Corona Sunsets and would appreciate if (when you have some time) you could support me and put a vote in for me on this link: 

    Don't worry if you are too busy I understand.
  • By the way is there an easy and simple way to swap the left and right knobs in the main page? For me it makes more sense if the EQ3 buttons where on the left side and the sends on the right. I know your busy but when you have some time just let me know. Take care and have a good evening

  • I'm going to rewrite a bunch of stuff in the CNTRLR script tonight, which will make everything a little easier to edit and move things in line with Live 9's new "standard operating procedures"....remind me after you see the next major push to git for CNTRLR and I'll let you know how to do it.....I'm not sure at the moment, since I haven't made the changes yet ;)


  • No problem take your time, I know you have a lot to do. I will get back to you at a later stage about this, because it is not the most important thing for me at the moment.

  • Re: voting, they won't let us Americans play :(

  • Ah yes sorry I forgot hahahaha

    No worries I got my entire family struggling in how to get their votes in hahahahaha. I loo forward to when you have finished the script modifications. I'll be watching the github.
  • I just also realized that all of the steppr mods are working fine accept for accent, it fails to detect the drum rack in a lot of cases, sometimes it does detect it but sometimes not, might be a small thing to look at as well.

    DrumSteppr, SynthSteppr are working fine. Hex is working fine but the only bug is that you have to initialize it the first time, but after that it is fine when saved in a set, accept for that you have to clear your sequence before you save it, else it will play the sequence with some kind of distorted sound.

    Hope this all helps you in your quest to make the mods perfect. In the mean time I keep looking for bugs.

    ps. I'm sorry but I cannot really check out the other mods properly, since they are supposed to be working on a 64 grid controller, maybe I can give it a go on the launchpad one of these days.
  • Another thing is that in accent the time1 and time2 are not working correctly, they are only switching as follows:

    - time1 = switching between 16n and 8n
    - time2 = switching between  32n and 16n

    I'll try the proto as well to see what is happening there in a bit.
  • Accent proto has the same time1 and time2 issue, but does detect the instrument. I will leave this out of the set for the moment and check all the other stuff.

  • Re:  time switching.  That's how it's supposed to work.  You can tweak the settings a bit in the "settings" page.

    Re:  DrumRack.  I think that you'll find this is a bug with Ableton.  If you pay attention, you'll notice that the "blue hand" isn't latching to a DrumRack unless there is something inside it latched to it's macro controls.  Without the "blue hand", the patch has no way of detecting the device.  The solution is to map some arbitrary parameter inside the drumrack to its macros, and try reselecting......

    Glad proto is working for far, no one has had a crash with it, so please let me know if you have any issues with any of the proto stuff.  I beginning to think the last "crash report"  I had was a total anomaly, but I want to be sure before distributing that stuff. 

    (if that's not the issue, I'll check it out later this evening once I get the new script.....which is almost finished now :) )
  • Thanks for the info, I thought the time switching was a bug, since there where a few more options so I thought the time1 was going 1 instance down and the time 2 was going one instances up, so that is me being confused hahaha. What I did notice is that the less are not moving in a constant time, more like they try to catch up with the speed and are not in sync. I will check the rest out in a few minutes, but it is pretty late here and got some stuff to finish tomorrow morning, but after that I got an entire weekend to look at stuff and do some testing as well as producing something new, because it is time to make some new fresh track.

    Speak to you later or tomorrow again.

  • Ok got the settings set to decrease and increase now, because it works easier for me to test the stuff and get more used to it. Will check some other stuff out tomorrow.

    Take care.
  • The new CNTRLR script is insane Amounra, great work. However I don't seem to be able to use the right and left knobs and faders for additional mapping? Is that normal, even when I set the fader and knobs options to True??

  • I've also realized that I loaded a drumsteppr with a native Core 909 kit from Ableton. The dials on the drumsteppr show the names of the parameters when selecting a voice, but they don't seem to respond to the cntrlr. When I move them with the mouse they do move, seems that they have no connection to the cntrlr. Everything else is working, I can put in steps, select voices, but just not tweak the parameters.

    I'll carry on testing some other jstepprs and hex later today and report my findings to you.
  • By the way could you also let me know how to change the Livid_CNTRL script to be mapped as follows:

    I would like the left faders to stay as they are, since you cannot put a limit on them, I'll just use a utility.

    The knobs above that I want to map to the EQ3 if this will be inserted in the track.

    The right side I want the faders to be available for mapping and the knobs to control sends A, B and C.

    Besides that I still want to have the ability to map the faders and knobs in the other mods, even when a steppr is loaded, but I think that will be the same thing as it is now.

    If you like I can send you the script as I use it now.
  • Confirmed about encoders:  I've fixed that issue in a recent push.....thanks for that.

    Re:  FADER_BANKING and KNOB_BANKING.  I haven't added the options flag in the script yet, but don't worry I'll do it later today!

    Re:  Livid_CNTRLR.  I'll dig it up and see what you'll need later this evening, I'm unfortunately out of time for now.


  • Take your time Amounra, If the CNTRLR for monomodular is working as it should, then that will be the script I would use mostly.

    So take your time with the Livid_CNTRLR script. I'm not in a hurry.
  • Hi Amounra,

    I have created a DJ template for the CNTRLR, on the user mod in the CNTRLR script for monomodular. I think you will like it and it might give you new ideas. I will test it, and then send it to you to let you have a look at it. It might be good if you could send me your email address in a pm so I can send it to you.

  • Hi Amounra,

    Any updates on the CNTRLR script for Monomodular?

    I have finished the dj part of the dj/performance template that I was working on, now just the performance part, but I can only do that when you have finished the CNTRLR script, so when it is ready (with possible banking left and right faders and knobs in the mods, just let me know.

    Take care,

    Mike Bosch 
  • Hey Mike, 

    I got your email, simply haven't had time to follow up.  Translations are giving me a headache (that's the bit that does FADER_BANKING and DIAL_BANKING)....I just spent an hour implemnting it and trying to find out why it's not working, but unfortunately I'm out of time for now.  I'll drop you some mail when I get it fixed and have something for you to test, I have some other more pressing things at the moment.  Thanks for your help with this ;)


  • Okie dokie, just pushed a new version.  FADER/DIAL banking should be working now.


  • Hi Amounra,

    I was suffering from an infection the last couple of days, but I am recovering slowly but surely. Today I actually feel a bit better and I hope to get to test everything later this afternoon.

    I'll keep you posted.

  • Hi Amounra,

    I have send a preview of the template to your email and also an email with some info about one of the things I found out, when I was doing the mapping.

    If you haven't read it yet, this is the issue:

    When you are in the user mode in the CNTRLR script (monomodular), then you should not save your live set in ableton. Live will not assign the script to the CNTRL:R again, because it is looking in the wrong channel (I think).

    So best way to save a live set with this script, is to go out of the user mode and then save it.

    I'll be working on the rest of the template today and hope I can send you the final version later today or at the latest tomorrow.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
  • Hi there!

    The code's gone?!
    I made some related (working) script-mods of my own some time ago,
    but there was no time yet to compare your stuff ;) Any chance to take part in mailing?


  • Sure, private message me.....what code, by the way?

  • Hi Amounra, I think he means that he cannot see the piece of the script, because it is on page 1. At least I think that is what he means with code.

    By the way have you looked at the email I send you about the mapping in the script. Whenever you have time to reply to that just let me know by email.

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