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edited June 2014 in Hardware

Hey guys. I know you pretty much JUST posted the BASE II on FB and on your website, but I was wondering what the major differences between the first and second models are? I could be wrong, but from the photo on the website, it looks like there might be MIDI In (or Out) too? Just curious, thanks!


  • There is no 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O on the BASE //. There is USB MIDI I/O.

    You can always use one of these if you need 5-pin:

  • navigateur makes an interesting point -- there's an extra port of some kind next to the USB, not present on the original BASE.  I'm guessing external power to support the brighter LEDs?

    That said, the photo also shows lights illuminated with no cables attached.  So unless the BASE II is wireless and battery powered, this might not be our most reliable source of information.
  • @ >0 you are correct. Thats a DC power jack for extra brightness. The DC power is optional. For the photo we cropped out USB cable.

  • So the new casing, LED brightness, and optional power suppy are the only differences between the BASE I and II, correct?

  • And the pads*

  • I was hoping it was a sustain pedal jack...

  • Also the price! This was a big point in the design, to make it more affordable.

  • Hope the DS1 comes next, and at a similar price as these new base. 

  • DS1 is right around the corner!

  • edited June 2014

    Any chance I can con one of you into taking the original off my hands so I can justify upgrading?  I quite love it as-is, but would love the new LEDs more.

    Wow, look at those optimistic sellers on eBay!

    I wouldn't expect any of the originals to sell above BASE II price, let alone above the original BASE's price, but I have to admire 'em for trying.
  • Yeah it'd be great if previous BASE owners got a discount or something when purchasing the II.

  • If you are a BASE I owner looking to purchase a BASE II, contact us through our support center for a discount! :)

  • Initiated.  Thanks, Mark!

  • "DS1 is right around the corner!"

    Where ... !

    C'mon Mark, how long do we have to wait? I'm soon going to have a tax refund burning a hole in my pocket

  • Hang in there brotha! :)

    Are you on our newsletter?

  • Sure am Mark!

    Saw Novation have just released the Launch Control XL ... ??? I realize the DS1 is going to be on a different level than the Novation but it still ticks most of the boxes.

    Please hurry!!!!


  • Keep an eye on your inbox for that newsletter today. :)


    Hey Mark, do you guys currently have an Australian distributor, cause I couldn't see one?

    If I buy the DS1 direct my shipping options to Oz are USPS ($60.50) or UPS ($179.22). The UPS option would mean that I couldn't afford to buy it! However I am concerned about whether the DS1 is fully insured if sent via USPS?

    Comments? Thoughts? Options?

  • If you have another preferred shipping method such as DHL or Fedex, you can set up the shipment through them and just send us a pre-paid shipping label.

    I know that we use USPS's priority service. I'm not sure what kind of insurance they offer for international shipments though.

  • "I know that we use USPS's priority service. I'm not sure what kind of insurance they offer for international shipments though."

    Can you direct me to someone who would know?

  • edited July 2014

    ... never mind, I found it on their website. About US$8.00 to insure for value of US$500.

    Looks like DHL or Fedex is going to be about the same amount as UPS. So (for me at least) it's USPS or no DS1!

  • Ok! Please contact us through our support system when you are ready, and we can make sure the insurance is included.

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