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Help with Base button mode.

edited July 2014 in Hardware

Hi, I just purchased a Base controller to use with my lighting software. I'm new to this midi stuff, and i'm still learning the editor. I'm having an issue making the buttons do what I want them to.

I need the pads to be in toggle mode (stay on when i push them) but I need to only be able to have one on at a time. Example being if I press pad #1, it should send midi note on and no nothing when released(I want the led to stay on though, so I know its activated) Then If I press pad #2, it should do the same, but turn pad #1 off.

Can someone help me achieve this?


  • Hey Sean, 

    What you're looking for is generally called a "radio button" mode.  Base's firmware doesn't allow this sort of thing internally, you're best bet is probably to use some kind of intermediary script or program to accomplish it.  If you can give me some better details about what platform you're on and what software you'll be controlling, one of us should be able to give you some ideas?

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