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Light sensors with Brain Jr...

edited June 2014 in Hardware

Hi there....

I was wondering if any people on here have any experience using light detectors with the Brain Jr? I'm looking to create some interactive work along side a visual artists and I'm wondering if I can get the brain to respond to different light colours.

I've created basic switches with transducers before but not ventured into alternative controller types.

Any help, particularly with regards to suitable components and places for further research is greatly appreciated.



  • Can you link to the sensor you want to use?

  • Been a slight change of plan, looks like I could be doing some capacitive sensing stuff with Arduino with the Livid using more traditional control surfaces, although a friend did mention to me about the Sharp GP2D12 and then using that with a 5v power supply, although I'm slightly apprehensive about adding a power supply to the board but the idea of being able to control filter/amplitude in such a way is appealing.

    Is this something that is ok if wired correctly with any additional components added?

    He sent me this diagram.  image
  • You wouldn't want to put that signal to the analog head since it can output up to 5v and the analog circuit is only rated to 3.3v.

    You may try finding a 3.3v IR sensor or using a passive component like this:

  • Thanks for the input....

    Will have a search around for some components. IS the digital circuit in the brain the same rating?
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