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Code v2 controllers on separate MIDI channels

edited June 2014 in Hardware

ie. the first four knobs on the left on MIDI channel 1, the next column along on MIDI channel 2 &c.

The website here ;

clearly states "
 Finally, for maximum flexibility, each button and encoder can send data on its own MIDI channel."

How to do it though?


  • Tried this:

    And it works, but only when connected to a computer, not on standalone usb power. Also momentary buttons are useless: need toggled buttons.

  • What is your application? Are you controlling hardware?

  • Hi Mark, 

    Yes, among other things, mainly I'd like to use it for hardware. In particular an Elektron Octatrack.

    As an example, I'd like to map the top row of pots on the Code to the 'Level' parameter on each track of the OT.

    so the left knob needs to be send CC45 on MIDI channel 1, the second knob from the left CC45 on MIDI channel 2, and so on.
  • edited June 2014

    I know I already said this through the help desk, but I'm re-posting here for all to see in the future.

    You can get a USB midi host such as:

    A USB MIDI host will initialize the Code v1 as if it is connected to a computer. Then you can use the midi jacks out of the code or out of the Kenton.

  • Thank you Mark

    I don't wish to be rude, but I wanted the bare minimum of gear, weight and preferably solid or cheap things to take while gigging. If I use the Kenton USB host I'd be better off with a Korg Nano Control, much as I'd much prefer to use the Code.

    Will independent MIDI channel control be built back into the firmware in the near future?
  • Drag.

    Thank you for your prompt responses - fantastic customer service I must say.

    Absolutely no chance of anyone building stand-alone power and toggled buttons into a v1 version of the firmware?


    anyone want to buy a Code v2? I'm in Australia...
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