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Bitwig and Code

edited April 2014 in Hardware

Hey guys,

I found on github a script for a controll surface.
The script crashed my bitwig several times.
I asked someone what might be wrong with the script and he found an error.
I wanted to let you know so you can change it =)


I put it in my user directory and it shows up (after a BWS restart, the user directory isn't scanned automatically) and I can select it in a track, it shows up as "Code" and "CodeUser1". 
But since I don't have the controller, I can't do much more with it... 
No problem with freezing on close either. :shrug: 

In the console, I see an error: "Reference Error: "encs_buttons" is not defined. (Code.control.js#250).

I think you should contact the author/manufacturer. ;-)

The readme is not helpful either. Since there are livid scripts in the factory folder already, it's not clear to me if these scripts should replace them or how they are supposed to be installed/used. They point to their website but there is no entry for Bitwig/Code...




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