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edited February 2014 in Hardware

on the Contrlr- can someone please explain to me how the colours are implemented? as far as i have been able to find out you are only able to assign ONE color to all the pads. although it seems also that the pads will light up different colors in response to incoming velocity values. I am trying to understand what the purpose of that would be, whats the point of having a pad light up different colours in response to incoming midi velocity values when the pad itself is not touch sensitive and cannot SEND different velocity values? I just dont understand the implementation of colors at all...



  • well, I have decided to program midi velocities to be sent back to the CNTRLR via Bomes Midi Translator so that i can program custom colour schemes for the pads. It does actually work...!

  • You can find the color map here. What are you using it with?

  • the thing is it took me three days to find out that it is impossible to assign colors to the individual pads, even though here is a "colors" page in the editor which lets you THINK that you are assigning colors- i spent a long time "programming" the colors on the pads- the pads light up with the colors i assigned, and i thought i was creating my own organization of the color coded pads. when i was finished i saved it to my preset and saved it to the CNTRLR and then went into Ableton Live to work with it there. All of a sudden all the pads turned green and my color scheme was gone. I eventually found out through my communication with tech support that in fact it is not possible to assign colors to the pads. I was just like "Wow", a wtf moment. A few basic questions emerge from there- 1. why is there a page to assign colors to the pads if you cannot save them? 2. why is that the case in the first place? and 3. why isnt that made clear in any of the "manuals" or wikis? very rocky road here in my first few days,, wasting lots of time having to figure this out like a detective, repeating steps that are misleading and do not do what they seem to be doing. anyway trying to get my head around this thing has been a trip, but I have figured out that the pads only change color in response to incoming midi velocity data. Finally when this was stated clearly to me by Mark of tech support and he advised me that i could use a third party midi translator to respond to incoming midi data from the CONTRLR- (say for example cc 1 on channel 16 velocity value 127)- by sending that message on to Ableton Live while simultaneously sending the same cc back to the CNTRLR but with the velocity number of whichever color i want the pad to have. That works, and now I can do what I thought i was doing using the editor. 

    In short- its a great machine that is the only one of its kind out there right now, kudos for that. but the user experience has been mad frustrating and I really urge you guys at Livid to invest some of your incredible talent on addressing the user who wants to use this thing without using your custom scripts!
    i hope this has been helpful.
    happy music making,
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