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Illuminated Rotary Encoder (push)

edited February 2014 in Hardware

Hi, I would like to know if the Brain v2 could support this kind of encoder :



  • That will work! Brain v2 supports 2-bit quadrature grey code.

  • Do you think that the embed RGB leds and push button could be wired to the Brain v2 too?

  • Depends if its common cathode or anode. We use common anode RGBs.

  • hi i how do you determine whether the rgb is comon anode or common cathode i think the sparks fun rgb encoder 10956 is a common anode looking at the data sheet. Can any body confirm

  • Link?

  • hi been intouch with spark fun the led in rotary encoder 10956 is a common anode type so led is compatible with brain v2 has any body connected his encoder type to a omniboard if so did you get led feedback

  • hi the 10956 is not compatible with the omni board due too an extra pin present. just like too say thankyou to mark from livid support for saving me from making an expensive mistake.

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