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Midi cc resolution with Brain V2 encoders

edited November 2013 in Hardware

I've got a standard livid encoder wired up to a Brain V2 and I'm using it to send midi cc data to my DAW (Cubase).  When I record the midi data with Cubase I can see that the values increment (or decrement) by twos (e.g. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc.)  I can't get a value of "2" or "4" or any even numbered value.  Is this a limitation of the Brain or the encoder?  I have used other controllers with Cubase so I know it's not a limitation of Cubase.  The spec on the encoder in the Livid store says it has 20 ppr (pulses per revolution) but I'm not sure how accurate that is because the spec also says that it has 0 detents but the encoder I received has detents.  If I get a higher resolution encoder, perhaps 36ppr will I be able to get every midi cc value or is there some setting in the Brain that is causing this?

Thanks for any advice.



  • Hi Justin,

    If you can guide us with a small brief of sending SysEx messages, we really appreciate.

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