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Push encoder reset parameter to certain value?

edited May 2013 in Hardware

Hi guys,

Enjoying a CNTRLR and have a Code on the way.

I was wondering if I could use the push button on the CNTRLR and Code push encoders to set a parameter on a device in Ableton Live to  a certain value. This usually to a value like 0, 127, or 63 in MIDI CC. This would be to get a delay back to a specified sync value or to get a volume control to full on or zero.

I noticed that when I map the CNTRLR's push knob (note data) to a parameter, it will do its max value on first push, and min value on the next. Ideally I would want to be able to get it to the same value each time I pressed it. I also would like the push encoder's encoder to control the value otherwise.

What is the best way to achieve this with CNTRLR or Code?

Thanks in advance!


  • if you set it to a cc it will send out the cc number, and 127 velocity when pressed, and 0 when released

    if you set it to note it will send out a velocity of 64 when pressed, and 0 when released.
  • Thanks for the reply, Jay!

    But how do get the velocity of the note to be recognized by Ableton?

    Going around on my own, I mapped the note in Live to a parameter and Live and set its min/max value to the same value which effectively will reset the parameter every time I hit the note. However, I now can't manually map a CC to the same parameter to control it with the encoder.

    Is there a way to get Ableton Live to recognize the CC on the encoder to control the parameter and the note data to reset it? Or better yet is there a way change the output of a button so that it outputs the same CC at the specified value?
  • hi BSWN,

    I have found a solution to your desired function — this method is on the one hand quite involved, on the other hand it will give you the opportunity to do a lot more once you have it set up!

    If you don't already use Monomodular — you should install it now, go here for more info:

    it comes with a bunch of M4L-devices mapped out for Livid Instruments like the Ohm, Code and CNTRL:R, one of which I cannot do without since I first had it running: Encoders. This mod is like Native Instruments' Kore as far as macro knobs go, but for an entire Ableton project and with breakpoint curves for controlled values.
    video tutorial:  (by aumhaa). With this mod you have macros controlling any 32 parameters (with breakpoint curves!) in Ableton and the surplus is even that unlike the macros in an Ableton rack, the macros in this mod do not occupy the parameters they control, hence you can assign a parameter to a macro, assign an encoder of the Code to this macro and assign the push encoder of the same knob to the parameter directly, setting equal values for max/min where you want it. This way you achieve what you want, which makes a lot of sense to me btw. and I will start making use of this too!

    Good luck! The installation can be a pain before it works properly and you'll have to understand quite a few oddities before it will work seamlessly but once it does you'll definitely not regret it!
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