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modul8 & livid block

I need help mapping the livid block on modul8...anyone?



  • What seems to be the issue?

  • I need help mapping the livid OHM RGB on modul8...anyone?

  • What's the problem? should map pretty straight forward no?

  • Hi Jay.,

    I dont know how to assign different channels of faders., buttons on same bank by editor.

    when I changed any button or fader, knob, from "ch1 to 2"., all of assigned midi will go for ch2.

    can't uses of different channels setting on same bank.

    Please let me know how can I do that., thanks!

  • yes Channel settings are global per bank.

  • can't find instructions how to map Livid Block on Modul8 :/

  • have you tried the garge cube forums? It should be pretty straight forward.

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