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Writing a remote script for Brain V2/Brain Jr with Ableton automap?

edited July 2013 in Hardware

Hey guys, long time user of many of your controllers and am now about ready to make my own using either a Brain Jr or Brain V2 depending on how far I wanna take it.

I'm wondering if someone with nothing more than a basic knowledge of MIDI (me) would be able to write a very basic remote script for ableton live that would auto map 4 faders, 4 solo buttons, as well as 3 knobs above each fader/channel (12 knobs total) to automatically map to Ableton's EQ 3.

I'm basically trying to make something visually and functionally similar to the middle area of a Pioneer DJM 900.

Is a somewhat simple remote script something a novice would be able to do with some obvious research and learning?  I know how to make custom control surfaces with a Lemur and auto map those - but these seem like two entirely different platforms.

Any help or learning resources in regards to this would be GREATLY appreciated!


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