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Electrix Tweaker Controller with Modul8 VJ Software

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hey I'm considering getting a controller to use with my Modul8 VJ software.  Has anybody ever tried using it with a Electrix Tweaker controller..?  I'd like to change the "volume" faders on the left and right to controller 2 separate video sources and then use the crossfader to control both sets(giving me 4 different video signal possibilities).  I like the build quality better with the actual Livid stuff but the Tweaker seems to be a better layout for me personally.  

Any thoughts or advice..?

Is there a way to use the Ohm64 to get 4 video signals going as well..?  


Thanks much,


  • Hi Miles. I don't see it being a problem. The tweaker is a class compliant midi device, so it sends standard MIDI which module8 accepts.

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