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CODE V2 Not Recognized by editor

edited May 2013 in Hardware


My Code V2 is not recognized in either the V1 or V2 version of the software editor nor online with Livid's software editor.  USB connection is solid, I can (for instance) make midi cc assignments in Ableton.  But I can't seem to edit the settings of the Code because no software will recognize it.  I'm very frustrated, does anyone have some insight?


  • that's really odd. What OS are you using?

  • edited May 2013

    Windows 7, 64-bit.  Qualify machine, fresh build, this is true even with other MIDI/USB instruments detached.

    I continually get the "Check USB connection, click [here] to rescan".

    edit: Is there any preliminary device software to install for the Code V2 on Windows 64 OS?

  • Does the Code show up as a USB MIDI Device? I'm assuming you can use the existing settings, otherwise you probably would have said "the Code doesn't work." However, I'd like to be sure you are getting midi in/out - do you see data when you use MIDI OX to test? When you go to the online editor  where does it fail? Does the yellow window fade away, then just sort of stall? 

  • I'll answer all these questions when I get home tonight and open up my rig.

  • Okay, so after updating a couple system drivers I actually managed to get the code recognized in the online editor!  Hooray!

    However, it seems like the ability to create, store, and access presets in the future is dependent on having a valid login.  I do have one (as evinced by being able to post here), but when I attempt to login in my password appears as plain text and there is a notification that login is "not currently functional" (the text is in parentheses just to the right of "login").  Is this a known issue?  Very frustrating, I appreciate any help you can offer!

  • You don't need to login to access banks. I think that's what you are looking to do? You can always use the old offline editor if you need to as well.

  • ...but you do need to login for the preset files. We're still building that portion of the site.

  • edited May 2013

    To be honest, I've been so bogged down with connectivity issues I haven't gotten to plunge into the actual software yet! 

    My goal is to, very simply, control a number of 3rd party VST inside of Ableton (8.2) with the Code V2.  I've got the first VST working perfectly, but I'm at a loss so far figuring out how to export the existing CC and note assignments inside of Ableton's MIDI map into the online editor(bank 0 assignments?).  I see no connection between the data presented in the online editor and the assignments currently made in Ableton's MIDI map.  I also don't know how to change banks (I tried this with the online editor) to make new assignments, or even if I should be using the online editor while I have Ableton open (when I did that, the online editor lost connection to the Code).

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Also, when you say the old "offline editor", do you mean the standalone software or the source of the online editor, downloaded locally?

    The "offline editors" refuse to recognize the Code.

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