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How to make my buttons come alive!

edited March 2013 in Hardware


I just got my hands on the ohmRGB and it's freaking easy to map midi in ableton LIVE to specific buttons ect. Thanks for that, however; I can't figure out my ohmRGB editor. I would like to have my buttons turn on or off when I press them, and it could be nice if buttons where blinking while a sample was playing. I've see countless youtube videos and it seems like it's possible to program the ohmRGB like this, however I can't find ANY guidance on how. I know that this is properly a mega-noob questions but please enlighten me if possible. 


  • @LHWA


    apologies for just falling into your thread, but I really need to get some help on something. I am a VERY new ohmRGB / Ableton user so even the simplest of tasks are still proving to be challenging: I have installed ohm modes and the default mapping works well - but I really want to re-map some of the faders, knobs and buttons to other functions in Ableton. When I enter the mapping mode in ableton I cannot seem to override any of the mapping or even create new links.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    From the wiki:

    "If you intend to map some of the unused buttons or over-ride some of the assignments, select the Ohm in the Track and Remote columns below.

    Ableton Live Preferences setup for OhmModes script"
  • Hi Mark, 

    I already gone through the the LIVE remote, and I would like to make a setup designed in a diiferent way than the 3 options present in the remote scriptss. So I'm just looking for some simple tutorial on how to program your buttons, like switching colour when pressed, blinking when part is playing ect.. cannot find any guidance on this? 

  • We do not have tutorials for writing your own scripts, which is necessary to make your controller behave the way you have described with ableton. 

    If you use midi learn, then your controller is working off Ableton's scripts, such as when you launch a clip or arm a track.

    Or you can use our pre-made scripts. 

    But we cannot support writing or editing scripts because it is not supported by Ableton. 
  • Check out they have a way to generate scripts that can be customized. Also check out mapease by Native Kontrol probably the most comprehensive method!

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