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8x8 RGB led matrix schematics

edited February 2013 in Hardware

Hello forum,

This is my first post here. Thanks for reading.
I'm building some controllers and using Brain V2. A lot of them.
One par of a controller consists on a 8x10 rubber button matrix, in witch 8x8 buttons are RGB illuminated and 8x2 are monochrome illuminated.
I'm from Argentina and can't buy the Omniboard, so i'm trying to make my own PCB for this button matrix.

I've been reading documentation (not much electronics knowledge for me) and reached to design this schematic to give it to the PCB manufacturer so he can design the board. All I need to give him is the appropiate electronic information.

In this module, I will need to use all 192 led cappacity of one Brain and 16 more for the monochrome part (I will have 2 Brains in the same controller)

Can someone tell me if this schematic is correct for the RGB led matrix wiring?

to see schematics click here
all outputs are routed to 2 pin headers to wire it direcly to the LED MATRIX ports in Brain V2, 12 Rows and 16 Columns

Thanks in advance!


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