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Having trouble using 2 codes simultaneously : gotta tweak the midi channel of one at each use...

edited February 2013 in Hardware


we use 2 codes for our live PA

one is code 1, one is version 2

we installed the new firmwares, one with the new and one with the special firmware "aliasB" for using 2 codes

so far it is working good

but we can't save the midi channel

here is what we have to do each time we use our setup:

plug code 2, launch editor, press "bank" button 2 on the editor GUI, then "save"
plug code 1, that is by default on midi channel 1

then we got the 2 codes working like a charm each on its own midi channel

so far it works, but we still need to do this operation before playing and I'd like to have the codes remember their own assigned midi channel...

anyway to do this?



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