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code feature requests

edited November -1 in Hardware
loving the code, it pretty much replaced my entire midi controller setup, including the akai apc40 (gasp)

a feature i would love to see in the next code update is a backwards bank shift button.
i understand the difficulties in having 4 seperate bank switches, but a bank forward, and a bank backward button should suffice.

for those who are struggling with the lack of this feature, i have a simple workaround that works only if you dont require all 4 banks. Simply change the midi channels for the 4 banks in the editor to alternate between 2 channels (i have bank 1 set for midi channel 1, bank 2- midi channel 2, the bank 3- midi channel 1 again, bank 4-midi channel 2) basically turning the 4 banks i would normally have to scroll through into 2 banks, which is all i really need.

peace :)
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