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Please explain LED feedback messages sent from Ableton Live

edited November -1 in Hardware
Can anyone explain the messages that are sent by Live when a clip is launched. Generally, whatever controller message is used to launch a clip seems to be sent back to the controller by Live.
It's a little more complex than that, though.
I use Continuous Controller messages to launch clips, so, I do this:
CC numbers are mapped to launch clips as follows
Track1 Track2
Row 1 CC1 CC2
Row 2 CC3 CC4
I also map a Continuous Controller to each Track Launch
Track Launch CC5 CC6

When I launch a clip, Live sends feedback, but it's more complex than I would have thought.
Say I launch the clip in Row1/Track1 with a CC1 (any value, 64 or greater, launches the clip).
The midi feedback is:
CC1 126 (clip launch Row1/Track1)
CC5 126 (Track 1 launch)
then the same two messages, with a value of 127
CC1 127 (clip launch Row1/Track1)
CC5 127 (Track 1 launch)
If other clips have been launched previously, Live sends value 0 for other track launches which have been active, and 0 value for any clip that is in the same row as the newly launched clip, but isn't playing its clip.
It's almost understandable. Can anyone fully explain this, please.
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