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recording & performance

edited November -1 in Software Discussion
i'm trying to record a performance (basically just a crossfader movement timed to a song), but it seems that all my recordings are very, "sped up". I'm guessing that union records all the controller movements in, "real-time" but there's a lag on the actual video render, which makes the movements seem fast when played back at normal speed. Hope you understood that. Any way to resolve this?



  • you are correct that your xfader moves are locked to the rendering clock (determined by the setting in the Recording options, default is the fps of the current clip on Ch. A), rather than realtime. If you want tempo-based xfades while recording, you can get clever with the LFOs. For example, an LFO period set to 1 second in a 30fps recording will render out as 1 second, but the observed time (while recording) will be slower.
    SO! If you know the tempo of the song in BPM, you can set that in the Tempo module. Use time divisions in the LFO panel to set an LFO period according to BPM. If you don't want a continuous xfade sweep, you can turn the LFO on/off at various times....
    Not a perfect solution, but this whole issue of realtime video interaction AND capture is all very taxing on computers these days....

  • thanks for getting back. i tried using the lfos set to tempo, but i still seem to be having the same problem. :roll:
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