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Help With LED

edited November -1 in Hardware
Really excited to own a block. It's so easy to get the block up and running in ableton. My one concern: i cannot see what i'm doing with the block in session view. I want the LEDs to light up even when a clip isn't playing. Basically a clip that's loaded and ready for launch, is not lit. and i want it lit. Do i have to read textbooks of python to figure this out, or purchase the (too bulky for me) native kontrol mapping? I also would like the red box to only activate 7 rows of clips instead of 8. Then i can save the bottom 8 for the stopping of clips for any track. I don't have the heart to keep looking for an answer. I've been searching all night (along with other unsuccessful music software challenges), and i'm cranky, and asking for help as a last resort.
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