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anyone who got soundtrg to do something?

edited November -1 in Software Discussion
still unable to see soundtrg actually triggering something (clips, frames). i've tried with internal audio and motu828. i see the audio coming in on the (horizontal) meters, but no reaction on the vertical meters and no action on the video - hints anybody?

also: what about the store, still 'coming soon' ?



  • hmmm...curious about your soundtrig problems. Could you start up Union, press cmd-M (brings status window to the front), copy (you can't select the text, just click on the window and cmd-C) and paste it into an email to ?

  • I forgot a the SoundTrig module, THEN copypaste the status window and mail it to me....
  • thanks pete,

    sent you the mail - hope you can find something helpful ...

  • i see you've managed to get the shop online - great :)

    but what about my issue with soundtrg? any ideas why this isn't working for me? i can't do any further testing as the demo doesn't work any more ...

  • Can you send a screen shot of the soundtrig in question? Just take a screenshot of it set up in union to and I can see if I can get to the bottom of this.


  • hi,

    problem is: the demo has expired - so no more testing possible. i've sent the contents of the status window already. i tried to get soundtrg to work on 2 different machines (Powermac, TiBook) with no luck - but the audio part is very essential for my work. maybe i'll have a new OS install soon so i can install the demo again ...

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