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Need to get a hold of a new brain for my Ohmrgb slim

I opened a support ticket over a month ago.  Picked up a used OhmRGB Slim and I was getting nothing when I plugged it in.  A few lights would flicker.  Noticed the USB socket was damaged (center piece missing.)  So I opened a support ticket.  Never heard back.  So I tried to replace the socket myself.  No deal.  I might have fried something but I doubt it.  So I guess my next move is to try to find a new brain.  The one that is in it is revision 1.2.5.  It doesn't look like the brain v2 would fit correctly.  But I could be wrong.  Anyone got any advice.  I would have thought the customer service around here would be a little better but it's about the worst I've experienced.  Thanks.

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