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Guitar wing DIY battery replacement advice?

Heya folks! My Guitar Wing, one of the early ones, is getting old and the battery's charging but no longer holding it for long. It ain't going to landfill just because the battery is dead.  I'd imagine all our battery-powered Wings will eventually wind up at this point, so I wanted to start talking about what to do when that happens. 

I want to replace the battery and I don't mind taking the first plunge. I'm encouraged by the Moldover Guitar Wing Hack video, that certainly seems within my technical abilities, and a case mod isn't out of the question if needed. In fact this might be an opportunity to try a battery that offered more storage capacity than the original.

I've got a question or two for anyone with skillz. From the picture on the Moldover Guitar Wing Hack, it seems to be a "Great Power" 3.7v 220mAh, so I know I'm hunting a 3.7v battery in an acceptable form factor.  There are 3.7v 650 mAh batteries out there that don't seem much bigger - would a somewhat larger capacity battery still be a drop-in (well, solder in) replacement, charged by the internal connectors? Or is it likely to be picky about exactly that battery? Looking forward to hearing from you... - clear


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