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Suggestion: Multiple Presets for Guitar Wing

edited September 2019 in Hardware

I'd like to comment on how very useful it would be if the Guitar Wing could have multiple presets onboard and allow the user to program a button (e.g. the arrow keys) to select between them.

IOW, instead of 1 set of 38 definition lines (a single preset), MORE than one set - (e.g. 8 or 16, but even 4 or two would be very valuable).

At issue (for me) is that I have receiving software (KARMA) that allows me to choose up to 32 scenes and 16 chords.   For full access I would need 48 buttons, and the Guitar Wing effectively offers me only 12 well-organized touches for this (the 4 pads, the 4 top buttons, the 4 side buttons).   

Realistically, just getting to 8 scenes and 8 chords available would cover many/most situations, but even that is "just beyond" what's currently available.

However, if  the GW had more than one Preset onboard and ready-to-go I could jump between them and have full access.

So, I wonder, is the onboard memory of the GW already fully spoken for, making this impossible with the current hardware?

Or is there enough memory available so that a firmware update and GWing Editor update could accomplish this?

P.S.   IMO, utility rises significantly if even one or two sets of 4 buttons could be given a switchable dual role, though of course, the more the merrier! 

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