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Livid Base I and fl studio 20

Hi does anyone know how to make this work properly. I installed the livid base script but for some reason the faders cannot be assigned to parameters and it seems like many functions on the script dont do anything.  I also tried disabling that script and using the livid base as a generic controller and not much happens.  The faders do an ON/OFF thing verses increase decreasing values gradually and so forth. It just feels like a brick at this point.  


  • is anyone there?

  • FL Studio has the Base I Script built in, so an install shouldn't have been necessary.

    It is documented briefly in the image-line forums.
  • their script doesnt work properly 

  • and there is no support

  • They've typically maintained that script themselves.

    Is any part of the script working properly?
    If so, what is and what isn't working?
  • The part that isnt working is assigning the faders to plugin controls. Nothing I do works.  Everytime I post a question about it, there is no response from the IL team. 

    The other issue is the Livid Base online editor does not work anymore as the removed NPAPI support.
  • I managed to get some faders set. The F l studio documentation is pretty brief and the current script doesnt support octave up and down on the note entry.  In fact the description of what things do isnt even complete. 

    For ableton it works fine although the livid wiki is down so I cannot review how to use it fully. 
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