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Configure Button/Fader combinations for Brain?

I'm having trouble finding info about this, but it seems like a straightforward question.

Can I configure buttons and faders on a Brain2 or Brain Jr. so that when Button1 is pressed, Fader1 controls CC(x) values, but when Button2 is pressed, Fader1 instead controls CC(y) values? It's just a shift function, but the application would require many shift buttons and only a few faders. This way, the same faders can be used to control multiple parameters depending on which button is active.

I don't know if it matters, but the shift buttons in this case would be selected via a rotary switch, so only 1 button will be active at a time.

Thanks for the help


  • Hi ACL,

    No, there is no shift function for the Brainv2.

    This could be accomplished with software help by use of an app to translate the messages.

    For example,
    MIDI Pipe (macOS)
    Bome's MIDI Translator (windows)
    or even a Max script.

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