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Livid DS1 and Elektron Digitakt?

edited February 3 in Hardware

Hi all,

I”m interested in controlling my Elektron Digitakt with my Livid DS1 (love that controller) without a computer in between.

I’ve searched elsewhere and on the forum but haven’t found any new information from the past 2 or 3 years and wanted to know if anything new has developed.

I’ve not tried this yet but I’m assuming I’ll need a USB/Midi host like the Kenton USB Midi Host etc.

Is that correct? Or any other suggestions? Would like to not spend a lot at this stage as I’m just exploring the possibilities of this. And any other issues with using the DS1 (using different midi channels, assigning pots/sliders etc.)

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Prof_Lofi,

    That is correct.  If you don't want a computer in the mix, 
    a USB-MIDI Host is the most direct approach.

    We have tested with the Kenton USB Midi Host and the BomeBox.
    Both are great products. 
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