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IOS Accessibility Switch Control using guitar wing

edited January 26 in Software Discussion

Hi, I noticed I can assign bluetooth midi device buttons from the guitar wing to switches for IOS accessibility Switch control.

(IOS Preferences --> Accessibility-->Switch Control)
However: after turning switch control ON the buttons do not respond.
When assigning and using a keystroke on a apple bluetooth keyboard the switch control will work.

Quesion: I assume it's a matter of the difference between a keystroke and the output of a midi button on the guitar wing.
How do I set this up properly?




  • edited January 30

    Hi Gurbz,

    From what I read in the documentation, this feature only supports HID commands (and not MIDI).
    I was not able to use Guitar Wing on it's own, but I was able to use a MIDI to Keystroke Converter (in this case midiStroke 1.4) to get Guitar Wing to Control items using Switch Control. 

    After downloading midiStroke, I connected the computer to Guitar Wing, then I ran the app, and in the left hand panel I set up each Guitar Wing button.

    0. In midiStroke, toward the bottom of the GUI, there is a drop-down box labled 'src', where I selected Guitar Wing's MIDI Port.

    1. I pushed the '+' button on the left hand side, then changed the number to '36', and set the value to '0.
    - Value 0 sets it to trigger on 'release' of the button.

    2. I pushed the '+' button on the right hand side, and set a keystroke for that button.

    I then tested that the button worked with the 'Switch Control' feature, and then I moved on to the next button.
    (Note: Guitar Wing uses notes 36 through 49, and a few others.)

    Let us know if we can help you more with this!

  • This is friggin’ awesome support! Thanks so much, I ‘m gonna try this! Will be continued.

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