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elements / elements alchemist : 8k8b / 16k / 16b / 4k4f

I have a Livid Instruments 'elements' single row with these four modules from left to right:

8 KNOB over 8 BUTTON
4 KNOB over 4 FADER

I've had it a while and am just getting around to incorporating it into my rig. Looks like the tools that were used to configure these things used to be integrated with the online livid store somehow. I had to use the wayback machine to look at old web pages no longer on to find that out, and so I am at an impasse setting this thing up. 

The Brain v2 JR Config tool does recognize it, but there were no settings on the device.

Looking to use this in Ableton first. I would like to know what would be involved in using it with analog MIDI gear at some point.

Any help is appreciated.



  • Hi Spaker,

    At heart the Elements rig is a Brain v2, so your Elements system will work well with Brain v2 Jr Config, and it is the preferred way to update the settings on your elements rig.

    You can still get the old elements software, but it was discontinued quite a few years ago, so I can't verify that it will work properly on your system.

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