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Ideas For A New Guitar Wing & Guitar Wing Receiver

If a new Guitar Wing is in the pipeline..i thought i'd put forward some ideas:

- Guitar Wing V2

Replace the small buttons on front panel with large round buttons for a total of 9 large buttons (or less if size is an issue)

Physical fader style sliders for the slider controls

Possibility of modular design so that user can customize the types of controls on the front panel (eg no sliders and just buttons, 3 sliders and less buttons etc)

- Guitar Wing Receiver with Midi In & Out & USB In & Out

This would receive messages from GW and process them on a per preset basis so that different Midi messages can be assigned to each GW button per preset. The GW would not store settings onboard, this would all be configured in the receiver.

Midi In would accept PC messages to select presets on the receiver.

USB In would receive signal from the first generation GW USB stick with the ability to expand the number of Midi commands of the original unit

Midi Out would send the Midi out from the GW as normal

USB Out for bi-directional communication between Receiver and Editor.


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