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how i cant connect my livid ohm RGB TO MY ABLETON 9.7 YOSEMITE ??

Hello guys 

sorry to bother but trully i need help , first of all i buy an old version of livid ohm Wood , well since 15 days 

is only like a nice lamp in my studio , cuz is for the only i can use it ..... 

i dont understand why is so hard to find a script that works for me on the ableton 9.7 ?? why ?? 

well after that i just bought the last version of the LIVD OHMRGB , i was so exited to recive it and well,

now big surprise  i cant connect it also to my ableton 9.7. is not working the script and all the info i found on ur page ... why??

why is so complicated ???  can please some one help me ... im desperate i can even pay for help . pleaseeeee  ..... 

thanks and sorry :( 


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