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Guitar Wing and GarageBand MMC

To what extent can a Guitar Wing send MMC to control transport functions in GarageBand? 

Basically everything Apple is proprietary, and unlike nearly every other manufacturer of MIDI tech/apps, Apple doesn't seem to have released a MIDI Implementation chart for GarageBand. From what I gather so far, very little of the transport functions in GarageBand are remotely controllable. I may have reached the point that my musical aspirations simply exceed the capacities of the app, indicating a need to step up to more complete software. 

I'm trying to set a few buttons on my Guitar Wing to send MMC through CC for "start", "stop", "cycle", and "record" functions. I'd like to be able to jam out a recorded track live, and/or record, without having to reach for my computer once performance begins. I have been able to set one of the Guitar Wing Buttons to alter track volume, or track pan. Otherwise, I'm not sure what other MMC GarageBand will even receive, let alone what CCs are reserved for MMC. I got track volume at CC10. I don't remember what CC altered track pan. Otherwise, the rest of the 0-127 CC range seemed to have no effect on transport controls in GarageBand.

Thoughts? Observations? Solutions?


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