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Alias8 presets with online editor

Can a simple preset be created with the online editor in order to have a constant state of white or green to use the Alias with Mixcraft8?

I have the controls mapped with the program's midi learn function, even using multiple layers, but would just like all of the lights to be lit when I use it. I'm not to the point where I know enough to map output controls individually to blink, turn on/off or change color.....YET. All white for one layer, green for another would be cool.


  • edited April 2018

    Hi Carl,

    Yes. When you click 'save to device' near the top-center of the online editor, you also save the current LED States.

    So the solution is to set all LEDs in one bank to White, then set all the colors in your next bank to Green, then click 'save'.

    To keep the LED colors fixed, you will want to make sure that 'Local Control' is disabled in the Global Settings section (it is disabled by default).

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