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DS1 Lost Connection to USB Hub under MacOS 10.13.4.

My DS1 is connected to my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) via a Belkin USB Hub. After updating to MacOS 10.13.4 from 10.13.3, my system will no longer detect the DS1 connected to my hub, it connects fine if it is plugged directly into the MacBook Pro USB port and it worked seamlessly under MacOS 10.13.3.


I understand this is a MacOS issue but is anyone else experiencing this?



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    Hi pwp,

    I believe we are talking to you in our Help Desk.
    I will continue this discussion with you there.
    If you are someone else that we are not talking to you in our Help Desk, let me know, though!
  • Where is the Help Desk?

    I tried installing MacOS 10.13.5 Public Beta - this did not solve the issue, then reinstalled MacOS 10.13.3 and everything works fine. I hope this issue resolves with future MacOS 10.13 updates.
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    I'm glad that you were able to fix this issue.

    Usually, this type of behavior is related to some bad data in macOS's NVRAM.
    You can likely resolve the issue more easily if it happens again by performing the following steps.
    1. In macOS' Audio MIDI Settings app, open the MIDI Devices window.
    2. With your MIDI Controller unplugged, click the MIDI Controller's entry in the MIDI Devices window with your mouse.
    3. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard, to remove it, and it will disappear.
    4. Reset your computer's NVRAM as described on Apple's website:
    5. After your computer restarts, plug in your MIDI Controller and test it in your preferred MIDI Application.

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    hey, i have the same issue. already wrote with a support ticket but got no answer.

    im om mac os 10.13.4. reseting the NVRAM didn't help. have two DS 1 controller that didn't work anymore since updating the OS.

    what else can i do?

  • hi moon,

    as with schallbauer, following your instructions above did not solve the issue, still unable to use DS1 with mac os 10.13.4. or 10.13.5 (public beta).
  • hello,

    i already asked your support for help last week. can't play live without my two DS1. would be great to get some help from livid.

    @pwp. how can i downgrade to 10.13.3. must erase the HDD and with a disk image?

    hope there is an easier solution for that


  • its really annoying. don't get an answer with a support ticket, don't get a support center account confirmation, don't get help from livid here on the forum. ( took over a week to get a confirmation to use the forum as well )

    so i have two useless pieces of plastic now, my whole setup won't work anymore :(

  • Hi schallbauer

    Yes, the only option for me was to reinstall 10.13.3. from a disk image back-up.
  • hey pwp

    thx, hope livid has another solution for that. 

    otherwise i will do that
  • Yes, a Livid solution would be much appreciated so we can move on from 10.13.3. - I guess they may be unable to identify/recreate our issue.

  • We were not able to duplicate this issue, yet.
    We are in the process of updating more of our test machines in hopes that we can find one that will resolve the issue.
    Can you confirm this was only happening with the Hubs (as the title of this thread states), and not when connected directly to the machine?

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    hey, yes it doesn't work with a hub. it works directly on the mac.

  • Hi, yes, it doesn't work with a hub(s), it works directly on the mac.

  • Ableton push 2 is running on the same hub btw. 

  • Please find a solution, you yhink you can fix it

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