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Guitar Wing, H9 and Line6 Helix

I'm looking for the best configuration to be able to connect these together and control patch changes on the Helix from the Guitar Wing.  I have both the Kenton and the iConnect Midi4 and so far haven't been able to get it working.   My goal is to control the Helix, and that will, in-turn, send patch change info to the H9 and pass control changes thru as well.  



  • Is your guitar wing firmware up to date?

    - If so, does the small round button ever stop flashing blue after you plug guitar wing into your Kenton?

    If it does,
    - are you getting any MIDI Data out of the Kenton when you press Guitar Wing's Buttons?
  • yes, yes, and yes.  and I can get the guitar wing to control the H9 on its own, 

  • edited March 2018

    Okay, I see. Great, we should be able to get this done easily.

    The Helix accepts a specific set of commands, so you will need to reconfigure Guitar Wing in Guitar Wing editor to send the commands that you wish to use.
    Everything I see in the manual (page 57-58) appears doable with the Guitar Wing

    Let me know if you have trouble configuring Guitar Wing for any specific command.

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