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Outdated software at

Hi everybody!

To whom it may concern:
I'm Sema, the owner of and the developer of Jazz-Plugin.
Lately, I've seen complains from my visitors that that Livid Editor does not work in new browsers.
As I have noticed, the website is using an outdated Jazz-Plugin API that is no longer supported in the latest Chrome and Firefox.

If the person reading this is a developer at,
please consider switching from Jazz-Plugin API to a newer JZZ.js API -
It is compatible with Jazz-Plugin, with native Web MIDI API, and with the web extensions for the latest Chrome and Firefox.
I believe the code changes will be minimal - just substitute the Jazz-Plugin function calls with the JZZ functions.

Thank you!


  • edited March 9

    Hi Sema,

    Yes, we provide a downloadable version that works with the new API.

    However, when we try to the new version on our server, it seems that Jazz/ Web-MIDI looks for MIDI Ports on the server instead of on the Clients computer. For this reason, the old 'NPAPI' using online editor is still the version live on our web server.

    If you have any input regarding that, let me know!
  • JZZ can work both on client side and server side. Make sure the script is included at the correct side.

  • Please contact me by email or at if you need help.

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