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New Midi Remote Scripts for Ableton Live 10

edited February 7 in Software Discussion

Hey all, 

Here's where I'm keeping the newest scripts for Ableton Live 10.  Make sure to read the readme file and go through all the installation steps before posting about problems ;)

Please email me with any bug reports, they should contain a clear description of how to reproduce any problems you find, and include a copy of your log.txt from Live's preferences so I can try and debug the problem.

I've included preliminary versions of the Stepprs and a few other things, they seem to be working ok but I will be going over them later this week in an effort to save them from the annals of obsolescence once more ;)

The rest of the content from my m4m7 will reappear later as I have time to update it.  

Cheers :)



  • Thank you.

    I thought my Livid Base1 was not going to be supported in Ableton Live10.
    So happy.
  • Great news! Has anyone tried this yet? (=Does the Base work with the latest scripts in Live10?)

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