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New Midi Remote Scripts for Ableton Live 10

edited February 2018 in Software Discussion

Hey all, 

Here's where I'm keeping the newest scripts for Ableton Live 10.  Make sure to read the readme file and go through all the installation steps before posting about problems ;)

Please email me with any bug reports, they should contain a clear description of how to reproduce any problems you find, and include a copy of your log.txt from Live's preferences so I can try and debug the problem.

I've included preliminary versions of the Stepprs and a few other things, they seem to be working ok but I will be going over them later this week in an effort to save them from the annals of obsolescence once more ;)

The rest of the content from my m4m7 will reappear later as I have time to update it.  

Cheers :)



  • Thank you.

    I thought my Livid Base1 was not going to be supported in Ableton Live10.
    So happy.
  • Great news! Has anyone tried this yet? (=Does the Base work with the latest scripts in Live10?)

  • Hi Amounra! 

    Great news, thanks a lot for this update, currently I've checked all basic functions of the scripts and they seemed working ok, but I can't get working syntstepr.. it looks like max is not installed, but as far as I know max is integrated in live 10, and also I have installed max..  I sent you screenshot and log file via email.

  • There's definitely something strange going on there.  I see some errors in your log that shouldn't be there, but nothing to do with your situation.  Have you installed m4m8 in the right place  (should be ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages) ?

    Might be helpful to have a look at a screenshot of your Max Console after SynthSteppr has tried to load.

  • Hi, I tried to delete max 7, which I had, to  see how ableton will work with integrated max in ableon, but still the same problem. How I can send you the log for max in this way? as far as I know max 8 installed in ableton 10, but we can download separetely only max 7..

  • Thanks for this update - you rock!

  • @Wallas, Send me an email and I'll try to get you sorted.  Something is amiss with your Max install, and it's something I haven't seen before so we'll have to do a bit of digging.

    @jreineke, Absolutely :)  Look forward to more goodies in the future, I'm patiently waiting on Max update to drop and some extra time to do some coding!


  • So, we should copy from m4m7 or m4m8 cause in the info said m4m7, it is a mistake?

  • Copy from m4m8 for Live 10.  Thanks for pointing that out, I've updated the readme file in m4m8 to hopefully prevent others from the same pitfall ;)


  • Hi, I have an OhmRGB controller and I'm trying to install the scripts for Ableton Live 10. I am currently using Windows 10, and was wondering whether you had the installer for OhmModes for Windows.

  • edited July 2018
    Live is 10.0.2 now. You guys control's are working fine with this version?
    Tryed to install my Ds1 on it but no success.
  • Hi there! Working like a charm in version 10.0.2 now! :)

    My bad, I forgot to copy one of the scripts folders.

  • It works fine on 10.0.2 with the CTRL:R, thank you!

    Just one thing I think should be added to the guide, the instructions on how to get to the MIDI Remote Scripts folder on step 3

    Maybe you can use these which I found at Ableton's site:

    This folder is located in the following location:
    Windows: \ProgramData\Ableton\Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\
    This folder is hidden by default.
    Mac: The Remote Script folder is inside the Ableton Live application bundle. Locate the Live application in Finder, right click on it and select "Show Package Content". Then navigate to: /Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/
  • Live 10.0.4 has a pretty heaping helping of changes for me to sort through, and it will break the scripts.  I'm working through them and its nothing catastrophic, but it will take me a while to get working versions up so for now I'd recommend not updating if you want your Livid Remote Script to continue working.  I should be able to get something done soon, but I have a bunch of shows over the weekend so I can't guarantee when you'll see a fix.  

    I wasn't expecting them to drop it today :/


  • I've pushed some changes to m4m8, everything should be working ok now for 10.0.4 but I haven't had a chance to do any extensive testing (and probably won't until after the middle of next week).  If you want to try them out, it's a good idea to keep your current installation of Live 10.0.3 and add a second copy (the 10.0.4) version, just in case there is a problem.  I know you can do this on MacOS, not sure about Windows.  Please let me know if you find any issues, and if so drop me a log.txt file so I can more easily see what's going on!


  • Holy cow. It works. Mac 10.12.6, Live 10.0.4, Livid Wing

    The buttons don't always light up blue, green, or off properly with things turned on or off in Live, but I don't care. They map and they operate and that's what I need.

     After a year of scratching my head at the Livid installer page... THANK YOU amounra!!
  • Does anyone knows how to fix the velocity of the Base II in Ableton Live? even when i do changes with the online editor it doesn't apply when i use Ableton live,

    i would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to fix this,

    thank you
  • The script overrides the hardware settings while it’s active.

    What are you trying to “fix” about the velocity settings?

  • im trying to increase the sensibility of the pads a little bit, as the current settings really demands to press harder and its not really helping when im on Send Mode,

  • Thank you! Is there any way to fix the WingFX AU for Mac OS Mojave while you are at it? For some reason the AU has disappeared from my plugins list in Ableton Live 10 Suite even though it is showing in the Components folder appropriately. I really love the effects in this and need it for use with recording and live performances. It may be a lot to ask for though. Anyway, thanks for keeping it up to date and committed. You are great! Drop a link for donations

  • Hi STRCHLDmusic,

    I replied in your other thread.
    Let me know if that helps!
  • Working perfectly on live 10.0.5 and macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

  • Hi

    Where can i find CodeV2 scripts for Live 10?

  • edited June 2019

    Hi! Any news about Ableton 10.1?

  • I pushed updates to m4m8 last week. Let me know if you find problems.

  • Thanks amounra!

  • All working on 10.1

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