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Guitar Wing — how to set strip led color by CC or SysEx?

Hi there! 

I'm currently working on a "guitar groovebox" which uses Wing as a control surface. Heart of it is a Raspberry PI with a python inside and some midi libs to control through midi some old school extra gear (Kaoss Pad 3 and Line6 POD 2.0). And of course want to do some generative music.

Just to get it clear:
1. I don't want to use standard Wing FX software, it's useless for me. Sorry! 
2. I don't want to use just any PC/Mac/iOS software, because of huge latency. So I decided to focus my setup on a hardware solutions. 
3. Of course I know about Editor. And it's useless to my scope. I want to change the touchstrips colors on fly. 

And now to changing colors from script. Somehow I figured out, that colors of the buttons can be easily set by sending CC to Livid Wing midi-device. Rect buttons, round buttons, arrow buttons — whatever. For example, to change the color of first round button I should send to Wing some data via CC==36. 

BUT! If I send values via CC according to touchstrips numbers, it's only changing the lightbar value, not the color. And struggling begins here. I sent a ticket to support center, but was no answer. Maybe any case outside of a normal flow they 
perplexedly staring at. Maybe they're alredy forwarded my inqury to Livid engineers, but those engineers are too busy.

Ok then, here we go. I opened the Guitar Wing editor and some midi-monitoring software and tried to change the strips colors. And... There was no CC's. There was some SysEx data, and I have no idea what meaning or structure it has. 

So, this is the question. Hivemind, did anyone of you do same things to livid devices? I hope changing led colors can be familiar on different devices (not only Wing). 

If no one answers, I'll try to hack those SysEx messages and look what happened (at my own risk, of course).

Thank you! Thanks in advance and at least for your compassion!


  • Hi Spooncrackling,

    So, on some other Livid products this is done using CC Messages the 'Settings Channel'.
    The Guitar Wing does not currently have a settings channel, and so the sysex messages that the editor uses are the only way to modify it currently. Unfortunately This message changes over half of the settings for the control.

    Message Format
    [240,0,1,97,15,73, ELEMENT_ID, DATA[7], 247]

    ELEMENT_ID: 0, 1, and 2 are the faders. So you'd need to send 3 messages to change all of them.

    .discrete_map_number = *midi_sysex++;

    .discrete_onValue = *midi_sysex++;

    msg_buf = *midi_sysex++;
    .discrete_on = msg_buf & 0x01; // 1
    .discrete_mapType = msg_buf >> 1 & 0x03; // 1+2
    .discrete_toggle = msg_buf >> 3 & 0x01;  // 1+2+1
    // Open: 7-4=3

    .continuous_map = *midi_sysex++;

    msg_buf = *midi_sysex++;
    .continuous_on = msg_buf & 0x01; // 1
    .continuous_mapType = msg_buf >> 1 & 0x03; // 1+2
    .continuous_flip = msg_buf >> 3 & 0x01; // 1+2+1
    .continuous_sensitivity = msg_buf >> 4 & 0x07; // 1+2+1+3= 7: Full

    msg_buf = *midi_sysex++;
    .fixed_colors = msg_buf & 0x01;
    .off_color = msg_buf >> 1 & 0x07;
    .on_color = msg_buf >> 4 & 0x07;

    msg_buf = *midi_sysex++;
    .midi_channel = msg_buf & 0x0F; // 4

    Hope this helps!
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