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Any future Guitar Wing Editor updates, or firmware updates?

wondering if their will ever be any updates to the GW editor, like patch changes as in up/down or patch number on the fly like a midi foot controller, etc... or any firmware updates?


  • Yes, we are in the works on an update right now.

    We are currently working on it 'until it's done', but that could be as soon as next week.

    The update, so far, includes:
    - Pitchbends that Snap back to Center when released
    - CC34 Increment/Decrement mappings (for Axe Fx users)
    - Increment/Decrement mappings for the MIDI Bank Change Message 

    Guitar Wing's current firmware supports some patch change methods already.
    (Select Bank, Select Program, Program Change Up/Down)

    I'd love to make sure this update incorporates whatever you are trying to do.
    Can you describe your setup in more detail, so that I can make sure we get you exactly what you need?

  • Sorry for the late reply,, I never got any notice,? Maybe I'm missing something in the editor, you allow (Select Bank, Select Program, Program Change Up/Down) I noticed with the editor, that it does not expand or resize in Win 7 or Win 10 and most/all the drop-down selections are mostly dashes, I've seen no way for Program Change Up/Down, or Bank Select,,,. I can assign a/one program change per button, so lets say I have 5 programs/patch's I want to use, change on an FX Processor, I have to use up 5 of my button/controllers...? So I wonder why the editor is not showing these options, and I also noticed in advance that the /all number drop-downs just go/show 0 to 9 and the rest are blank, even though they are there if I scroll down and click, but that's just a blind guess at what number Ill end-up with. this is the same on both my Lenovo W520 Win 7 Pro, and Surface Pro 4 Win 10 Pro. So I've got a screwy editor issue. I cant remember if I copied it and move it from Win 7 to Win 10 or not? I Might of got a bad DL. I don't see anyway to upload an attachment or Id show you a screen shot. Hang on I think I found it, insert image. No-Go. Also notices the check boxes for motion, leds and software are hard to check/enable, I have to click afew times to get a take.,,, on both computers. I'll try a new DL on the surface pro and see what gives, and if its still the same, I upload some pics somewhere, so you can see.  

  • Tried a clean DL on Surface Pro 4, Same issue, here's a link to some pics on my One Drive, of whats going on , or not going on?!ArjVqBofnJmXiSb6vxZ0i_XH2eJW

  • a little over half way down the page on this link is a comparison of the editor to what I'm getting. I'm sure you know by looking at mine, that the menu's are not complete in size/width, etc......

  • Hi 02DropD,

    In developing the editor update, I found that some of the items were not labeled properly in the last release of the editor.
    This will be released around the end of this week, so feel free to wait, but
    these items still are implemented properly in the last release firmware.

    I have posted a screenshot with what the 'special' items are now in the 'advanced' 'control' settings, so you can use them in the meantime.

  • Thanks Moon,  can you tell me though, how am I missing this

    "Guitar Wing's current firmware supports some patch change methods already.
    (Select Bank, Program Change Up/Down)" ?
  • Ah, those are the Advanced 'Special' Key Options.

    They were labeled properly in the last release of Guitar Wing Editor (v109).

    In Midi, Bank Select is generally just CC 0
    Select Bank can be done by mapping the "Key" as CC 0, 'no off', and set the 'max' to whatever bank you would like to select.
    Let me know if I can help you more with this.

  • Thanks Moon that helped a lot. As I showed you before, my drop-down menus don't show S**t, but I guessed with the picture you gave me and kind of have the program change up/down working, until I hit a different pad on the GW, and my up/down wont work,,,,, until I hit my peddle, then it works again. But Im making progress. Hope the menu's will work in the new release. And it may be too late, but I wish the up/down pointers and the rectangle buttons on the GW had the same advance options as the pad's do, Id rather use it,them for up/down...., than a pad. 

  • OK Moon, I did get the patch change up/down working for the arrow buttons on the GW, I guess my biggest problem is I'm doing all this in braille. Guess I'll mess some more,,, sure makes for a long hard process when you've no menu's. LOL!

  • Awesome, I'm glad you got it working, and I'm sorry that these features weren't properly labeled in the last version of Guitar Wing Editor.

    We have fixed it, and the next version of Guitar Wing Editor will be released in less than a week. 

  • Thanks for your help moon, and look forward to more. Have a good one.

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